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Yahoo Answers: Latest Questions
Yahoo Answers: Latest Questions Updated Sun, 16 Jun 2019 17:49:46 GMT
Description Yahoo Answers: Latest Question
Language en-US
[ Languages ] Open Question : Do you speak other languages except of English ?
Published: 1560707353
[ Politics ] Open Question : Why do I have to select an Image (select all mountains, crosswalks, storefronts, etc.)every time I submit a question?
Published: 1560707343
Description: Does Democrats/Liberals have that much control over Yahoo answers?  more...
[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Would you rather eat your least favorite food, or nothing at all?
Published: 1560707325
Description: I mean just for one meal. I don’t mean starving to death. If you were presented with a meal that contained your least favorite food and you were hungry, would you eat it or just not eat anything?  more...
[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Who are these Anonymous trolls ?
Published: 1560707305
Description: Every time I ask a question about my wife or my family or my feelings these silly Anonymous trolls have to call me Sherlock and add a crying joke at the end of it. I keep reporting but they keep doing it. Who are these dumbass Anonymous trolls ? Why do they keep pestering me ? When will they go away ?  more...
[ Politics ] Open Question : I want to send a horde of Mexican lesbians to conquer conservative white American women, what do you think?
Published: 1560707287
[ Fashion & Accessories ] Open Question : Are there any headphones i can wear in the shower?
Published: 1560707273
[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : What does it mean when a guy has a woman crush everyday? Does it mean he likes women?
Published: 1560707247
[ Hobbies & Crafts ] Open Question : I have a Cricut Explore Air 2 and can’t get it disassembled for repairs.?
Published: 1560707240
Description: I have a Cricut Explore Air 2 that was knocked off a table and I’m fairly certain the fall jarred the power connection on the PCB board and shifted it to the point where it has disconnected. I need to open this thing up and check it out, but there aren’t any videos or anyone for that matter that have done a how to on its break down. The info I’ve gathered is that there are several clips in certain areas holding everything on so even if you remove every screw; it still won’t come a apart. I messed with it for hours without any luck. Any knowledge or help is appreciated. I just need to take the bottom off and possibly solder a couple connections. Thanks.  more...
[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : What does it mean when a guy has a woman crush everyday? Does it mean he likes women?
Published: 1560707201
Description: I’ve had mine since last summer.....  more...
[ Men's Health ] Open Question : My balls barely hang below my body and I’m 17 years old is this normal?
Published: 1560707167
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