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Yahoo Answers: Latest Questions Updated Tue, 21 Nov 2017 07:59:20 GMT
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[ Fish ] Open Question : Can I keep a 5-inch arowana fish in a 2-feet tank with 4 gold fish?
Published: 1511251132
[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Is this an attractive woman?
Published: 1511251114
Description: Please say why or why not.  more...
[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : What's it like having sex with a girl with a loose vagina?
Published: 1511251110
[ Lyrics ] Open Question : Please help me figure out this EDM song!!!!?
Published: 1511251070
Description: The only lyrics I can remember (and they might be some of the only lyrics in the song) are "I m so in love with you, I m so in love with you I m so in love" And it keeps going for a while... It s a girl singing and I thought it sounded a lot like Fröder from that Stockholm syndrome song... Also the song would have had to come out before 2012 ish You will be my hero if you can figure this out. It s killing me.  more...
[ Decorating & Remodeling ] Open Question : What is the standard overhang for a kitchen countertop?
Published: 1511251065
[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Why is he looking at me whenever I look away after rejecting me? when I catch him he looks at my eyes and then look quickly away ....?
Published: 1511251054
Description: So this guy in my college, I know him but he doesn t know me. I searched for his name on facebook and added him. I waited for days and days. Didn t accept my request. I sent a message saying: " should I cancel my request or something?" and waited for a response but nothing. later, I saw him commenting on a friend s post that I already commented on. Then I understood that he already saw my message and my request. I went back to see it and no response again. I sent him another message saying "alright." then I canceled my request. After weeks, He sits with his friends a lot in the food court. I was sitting in the table next to them. My friend tells me everytime she looks at him he was looking at me. Then, I tried to look at him and he was looking at me already, when I catch him he looks into my eyes and smile and then look away. That day, he sat on the same table I sit on, but he gave me his back and talked to his friend. He never done this before. So what s going on?  more...
[ Philosophy ] Open Question : When you find out someone is on antidepressant what do you think of them?
Published: 1511251051
[ Marriage & Divorce ] Open Question : Yes or no....??? Do you agree that a husband/boyfriend can never..?
Published: 1511251012
Description: love a woman unconditionally, nor as much as her brother can? Look at the divorce rates Even with some heartless brothers, the chance that a husband/boyfriend will love a woman unconditionally is slim. First, she has to be attractive enough to land a man, and keeping him interested is even harder. Moreover, there's always a chance he might fall out of love with her if she isn't attractive because of her age, or if the sex declines in both quantity and quality. A brother will love hr just for being her, even if she isn't pretty nor young nor a pro under the bed sheets. Isn't it then stupid how so many women put romantic love on a pedestal?  more...
[ Psychology ] Open Question : Can stress and anxiety cause daytime wetting in adults?
Published: 1511251007
Description: I m a 24 year old female and I am experiencing urgent need to go to the restroom. When I m in public, my will to avoid embarrassment buys me enough time to do a potty dance to the restroom, often with minor leaking. When I m at home, especially in my room, I wet myself as soon as I realize I need to go. This has been going on for more than a week and I m frustrated. I am under immense stress. My emotionally abusive mother will be coming home in a few days, I am completely out of money, I m dropping out of college, I m having nightmares most nights, and I m gaining so much weight. A month ago I was prescribed an antidepressant which is known to cause it s users to pee more, but is it normal to completely lose control? Also, if you know of any financial resources for people escaping emotional and psychological abuse, please let me know.  more...
[ Cleaning & Laundry ] Open Question : How can I deodorize my kitchen sink?
Published: 1511250992
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