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Yahoo Answers: Latest Questions Updated Fri, 17 Aug 2018 20:56:16 GMT
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[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : What would you think if a lady told her mom that a guy hit on her when she was out today nd complained about it?
Published: 1534539360
[ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered ] Open Question : Is it common or white guys to drawn to domineering latinas who will be man the relationship and has strapon?
Published: 1534539242
Description: to turn the man into a sissy  more...
[ Cooking & Recipes ] Open Question : Do you prefer cooking home cooked meals or buying meals in a restaurant?
Published: 1534539192
[ Diet & Fitness ] Open Question : What foods should people eat everyday?
Published: 1534539112
[ Politics ] Open Question : Will there be a race war in America, when Blacks start attacking white people like they do in South Africa?
Published: 1534539037
Description: History has taught us, that whenever white people lose control over a country to non-whites, then madness ensues. For example, in 1803, after the Independence of Haiti, the blacks there raped every single french woman and killed all the french men. The only way a woman could save herself from rape was to marry a Black. In South Africa, since 1994, life is unbearable for white people. They are killed, raped, violented, and even the government wants to take away their lands without compensation. Believe it or not, this is what History has taught us, if you don't believe me you can google it and you will see this is real  more...
[ Rock and Pop ] Open Question : What's this song called?
Published: 1534538977
Description: I don't know the lyrics, so it's gonna be really hard to describe, because its beat and rhythm caught my ears. In the beginning, it has only drums playing. Those drums have a relatively fast Dun-Dun beat, immediately followed by a faster DUNDUNDUNDUN. I spelled it all caps to show that it gets a bit louder during that part. It's probably a pop song. Thanks.  more...
[ Law Enforcement & Police ] Open Question : Any "new" news in the Big Nothingburger Nuremberg trial that is the Manafort Witch hunt? Trumply speaking?
Published: 1534538976
[ Dogs ] Open Question : Help my shitzu poodle mix my dog can you tell me what this is is it contagious what should we do is she in pain thank you?
Published: 1534538887
[ Religion & Spirituality ] Open Question : Would it make a difference to you, if different worldviews + perceptions of reality turned out to be caused by brain structure differences?
Published: 1534538879
Description: Maybe some inborn, some acquired..? I'm thinking especially of people who have NO sympathy for those whose worldviews are different from their own... Like that certain regular on here who keeps insisting that all theists are just lying to themselves, and they really KNOW there is no God. Or those Christians who keep insisting that atheists really DO believe, deep down, but they just want to rebel... If we turn out to have physically different brains, that directly lead to us EXPERIENCING reality differently, would that maybe make you reconsider those opinions? Why, or why not? And: does it also call into question your notions of what is or is not considered "delusional", what an "ideal" brain should look like, etc.? Are brains that look different from your own "wrong", you think? Just an interesting discussion... As I was just reading about measurable, physical brain differences in people who meditate! And in people who regularly take substances like ayahuasca. (They had a thinner posterior cingulate cortex, among other things. Which could lead to weaker identification with the ego/"self", and more transcendent/spiritual type experiences.) http://reset.me/study/study-long-term-use-of-ayahuasca-linked-to-changes-in-personality-and-brain-structure/ ..Thoughts? :) Posting this question again, because I got only ONE answer earlier today. :S  more...
[ Higher Education (University +) ] Open Question : I am moving to turkey after I finish my GCSE’s and I want to know if Turkish universities/colleges accept GCSE’s to get into the college/uni?
Published: 1534538827
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