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Yahoo Answers: Latest Questions Updated Sun, 17 Jun 2018 13:57:54 GMT
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[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : How do i deal with still being in love with my bestfriend who doesn't want anything to do with me?
Published: 1529243851
[ Dental ] Open Question : Should I do iv sedation to get 2 full bony impacted wisdom teeth removed? Why?
Published: 1529243808
Description: I suffer from acid reflux as well. Would it be safe in my situation?  more...
[ Politics ] Open Question : If America was the opportunity land for disenfranchised why Trump want now only "the best" class to come.?
Published: 1529243780
[ Law Enforcement & Police ] Open Question : Do you think there would be less people stealing cars if there was a big photo of a pregnant woman included with the car, easily seen,?
Published: 1529243768
Description: and a statement that this car belongs to her? What about A photo with a woman with 3 small children? Or What about a Priest? Would there be any one, who would be able to take a vehicle, change their mind about stealing it if they saw who it belongs to? How many potential thieves (percentage wise) would change their minds about stealing the vehicle, and exit the vehicle.?  more...
[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : I'm a 14 year old guy and I'm 5 foot 5.10 in height, how tall will I be when I'm 21?
Published: 1529243750
Description: I started puberty at 12, I was 4 foot 7 at 12 now I’m just under 5.6, I don’t think i’ve gone through my growth spurt yet. My dad was 5.10 and mother is 5,4.7 * I’m taller than both of my brothers at my age. my brother which is 18 is 5 foot 10.5 but my other brother which is 16 is 5,6. I’m overtaking my 2 year older brother already, so does this mean i follow someone else who’s taller than my father?  more...
[ Parenting ] Open Question : How would you react if you found out that your teenage son and his friends keep bullying a classmate?
Published: 1529243735
[ Politics ] Open Question : Instances where US political leaders learned from past mistakes? this can be as long ago as the george washington days?
Published: 1529243682
[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : My boss was offering some gifted food/ or meals to me, and so kind than to other employees, why is he doing that?
Published: 1529243486
Description: He sometimes treats me like a kid, or like a fresh graduated, and don't know anything. If I said some clever things, he laughs it out. He always introduce me and know almost everything about me without me telling to him. He also adds me on Facebook to be F.R.I.E.N.D!! I was okay with that when he started doing all the nice thing for me, like help in cabling my electronic devices, unpacking new stuffs bought for me. but now I felt uncomfortable and hard to speak up in front of him like a real me. Is it normal kind person? or is it more than that? P.S he also has a wife. I don't want to mess it up. You can say I'm a very talented and useful person for the company tho (for your information).  more...
[ Politics ] Open Question : Why do Neo-Nazis gravitate towards the Republican party?
Published: 1529243460
Description: Three congressional candidates running as Republicans are doing so explicitly to promote white nationalist and anti-Semitic platforms. 1) Illinois’ Third Congressional District nominated Republican Arthur Jones, a Holocaust denier and former member of the American Nazi Party. 2) In Virginia, Republicans nominated Paul Nehlen, a man with white supremacist ties who suggested that America "have a conversation about deporting all Muslims." 3) Patrick Little (Republican challenger to Diane Feinstein), bills himself as "Your Counter-Semitic Candidate for US Senate." The GOP eventually disowned all three candidates, but at some point you have to ask why these Neo-Nazis are gravitating toward the Republican party and feel at home there?  more...
[ Women's Health ] Open Question : I can't win from losing! I don't know what else to do!?
Published: 1529243441
Description: I went to the emergency room last night because I was having vaginal problems and thought I had urinary tract infection but I also been on diflican for a yeast infection but anyway they did a exam and told me I had bacterial vaginosis. I have been on every medication for this that I can possibly think of and the doctor prescribed me flagyl the gel to be inserted into my vaginal and I think this gel causes stomach pain. I don't know what else to do except go to my obgyn doctor for the 100th time with this problem. I bathe in ivory soap and take showers . I do use my bath and body works body wash but I don't put it in my vaginal area just on arms,legs,breast. my husband and I doesn't have sexual intercourse that much and I would say twice a month at the most and my husband always showers after work since he works with oil. what happens if this never clears up? what else can be done? Do you think surgery?  more...
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