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Yahoo Answers: Latest Questions Updated Sun, 09 Dec 2018 04:49:21 GMT
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[ Politics ] Open Question : So Trump paid off two women and oooh! Did Ted Kennedy drive off a bridge leave the scene and kill someone. I'm not getting the big deal do u?
Published: 1544330954
[ Physics ] Open Question : Intensity with diffration and light Physics problem!?
Published: 1544330905
Description: Monochromatic light of wavelength 477 nm from a distant source passes through a slit that is 0.0340 mm wide. In the resulting diffraction pattern, the intensity at the center of the central maximum (θ = 0∘) is 9.50×10−5 W/m2 . What is the intensity at a point on the screen that corresponds to θ = 1.20∘. Express your answer to three significant figures and include the appropriate units.  more...
[ Computer Networking ] Open Question : Why is my download speeds so slow on my brand new laptop?
Published: 1544330903
Description: So I just recently purchased a brand new HP Pavilion Gaming 15t. Everything's been great, but the download speeds are horrendous. Now my wifi hotspot router is bad enough as it is usually getting speeds up to 3 mbps yet on my phone and any other device besides my laptop is fine. I've updated my drivers, I've gone wired and wireless, I've changed the properties of the network adapter, my router has two wireless connections, one being 2.4GHz and the other being 5GHz with both having given me the same result, nothing has done any sort of fix to this issue. Could someone please help me find a way on how to fix this. Wireless Card is an intel wireless ac 9560.  more...
[ Politics ] Open Question : Why does the US allow Tranny in the same hemisphere?
Published: 1544330899
[ Mathematics ] Open Question : 2nd Part to Helium spherical balloon problem:The time at which the radius increases at a rate of 120 feet per second?
Published: 1544330892
[ Homework Help ] Open Question : I need to replace the noun in () and rewrite it with DOP Yo veo (al senor Garcia) en la calle con frecuencia?
Published: 1544330890
[ Aircraft ] Open Question : Commercial pilots ONLY!?
Published: 1544330828
Description: How long are you away from your family and what's the most popular option you can choose to be away from your family? Also is it hard from your personal experience to be away?  more...
[ Women's Health ] Open Question : Can someone help me get of the feeling of having to keep going crap on my period? i hate it so so much.?
Published: 1544330828
[ Military ] Open Question : Motorcycles in the army?
Published: 1544330772
Description: Im active duty army at Fort Benning and want to get a motorcycle but unsure of the process. Ive never driven one but want to learn. I know you have to go through a safety course but can t seem to find where to take the courses through the military. I also do not know if I need to get a Motorcycle permit before the military safety course or after the course. Steps/requirements would be helpful. Thanks!  more...
[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Why do women value “confidence” in men so much?
Published: 1544330751
Description: It’s often talked about as being one of the most valued characteristic women seek in men  more...
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