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Yahoo Answers: Latest Questions Updated Sun, 28 May 2017 14:50:10 GMT
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[ Maintenance & Repairs ] Open Question : Does Secura insurance cover replacement of breaker panels?
Published: 1495982972
Description: Trying to sale my home, but one of the items on the hit list by home inspector was to have a licensed electrician see if breaker panel needs to be changed out or upgraded due to failure of breakers to trip and cause fires. I have lived here for 13 years and had no issues but know that the breakers trip because I have had to reset them occasionally along with the bathroom GFI. I was told that it will cost between $800 - $3000 depending on what needs to be done if anything.  more...
[ Parenting ] Open Question : How should I punish my 16 year old son?
Published: 1495982964
Description: He punched his grandpa in the face  more...
[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Jeepers, Creepers.....where'd ya get those peepers?
Published: 1495982948
[ Politics ] Open Question : Libcrusher for president?
Published: 1495982944
[ Chemistry ] Open Question : Which direction would water move if:?
Published: 1495982932
Description: solutions A & B are separated by a semi-permeable membrane. 10g of substance A (50g/mol) is dissolved in 1L H2O (solution A) and 10g of substance B (100g/mol) is dissolved in 1L H2O (solution B)  more...
[ Corporations ] Open Question : 🇬🇧Any idea as to how successful this company is?
Published: 1495982929
Description: Does a £1-2mill turnover sound reasonable? The dentist that owns this company and all shares said he is worth £10mill. Can you get an idea of how rich someone could potentially/roughly from an abbreviated balance sheet? Like does this tell you anything??? If so what? Assuming this is his biggest source of income. https://imgur.com/a/h7WvQ  more...
[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Why do Americans have childish humour?
Published: 1495982892
Description: They don't understand us complicated brits  more...
[ Diet & Fitness ] Open Question : Can a girl be considered hot if they weigh 160 pounds , 5'4? And they carry their weight well? What famous people are like that ? 10pts 🦋💋?
Published: 1495982847
Description: I thought of Chuquis Rivera  more...
[ Politics ] Open Question : Will Las Vegas Casinos host Brag Obama and his wife since they are so good at entraining people and making fun of themselves?
Published: 1495982831
[ Other - Home & Garden ] Open Question : What kind of bug is this???
Published: 1495982829
Description: Do I just moved in to this place and I keep seeing these kinds of bugs near the fireplace and I saw one in the tub , I m nervous that they might be bedbugs but I m not sure. I haven t brought any furniture in yet , but I did bring suitcases in that stayed overnight while I packed up the old place. Also is there a chance there infested in the new carpet the owner put it? Freaking out... Any help is appreciated. PS: Residing in Columbus , OH if that helps at all.. lol  more...
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