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Yahoo Answers: Latest Questions
Yahoo Answers: Latest Questions Updated Wed, 20 Feb 2019 08:41:52 GMT
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[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Hhwjsnhjjnn?
Published: 1550652081
Description: o lo  more...
[ Homework Help ] Open Question : Hello everyone, I'm from Italy and I need to denounce our corrupted and distorted politician view?
Published: 1550652060
Description: We absolutely need uncle Sam intervention otherwise the future will be in the hands of unfaithfuls!  more...
[ Other - Careers & Employment ] Open Question : Ways to make extra money while on call?
Published: 1550652022
Description: I would like to find some ways to make extra money in between other work that don’t require a whole lot in terms of start up costs. I currently have a night job that gets me close to 40/hrs a week working 9-9 4 nights a week. And I would just go and get a second job during the day, but I’m a Wildland Firefighter and have to leave the second I’m called, so I can’t find any companies close by that are willing to hire me since it’s not easy to cover a shift with zero notice. And I can’t do anything like Uber or Postmates because I’m not 21 and my car has broken down anyway. I’m not a good salesman, so affiliate marketing would be a waste of my time anyway. Any thoughts?  more...
[ TVs ] Open Question : Which is the best action TV serial?
Published: 1550652019
[ Dream Interpretation ] Open Question : Dream about an ex leaving me for another girl.?
Published: 1550651949
Description: I had a dream that my ex and I were together and he left me for another girl and I found out they had been talking while we were together and nov 7, 2019 kept coming up as their first date and day together. I felt so heartbroken and saw them together and what he had wrote for her in a big red heart of paper how much he loved her etc. I tried to act so proud for them and kept saying I hope he’s happy but I wanted to cry and held it in. I left and my ex in the dream began to have problems with her days later but that day when they first got together he felt horrible and saw how I felt. Those days later he kept wanting me back but I just couldn’t be him again after what he had done. In the dream I kept thinking to myself how I just wished I could stop thinking about them in the dream. It’s been 1 year and a half since things ended  more...
[ Diet & Fitness ] Open Question : Dry fruits are good for our health? In what types of diseases walnuts and almonds are helpful?
Published: 1550651924
[ Mathematics ] Open Question : Need help with western uoin?
Published: 1550651912
[ Maintenance & Repairs ] Open Question : What causes slamming-of-door noises in the head?
Published: 1550651889
[ Skin Conditions ] Open Question : I have a red rash, sores. not boils on my penis. I went to buy vagina fungus cream and it doesn't seem to be working. not as bad. worried?
Published: 1550651879
[ Other - Yahoo Products ] Open Question : Cannot logout of my yahoo mail?
Published: 1550651744
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