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Yahoo Answers: Latest Questions
Yahoo Answers: Latest Questions Updated Sun, 25 Feb 2018 19:59:47 GMT
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[ Non-Alcoholic Drinks ] Open Question : Milk or water?
Published: 1519588764
[ Politics ] Open Question : With Mueller's investigation still going on, ever wonder how so many people already know more than he does. How do they know already?
Published: 1519588687
[ STDs ] Open Question : Have I got an std?
Published: 1519588652
Description: I’ve had sex four times with three different people all without condoms. After having sex with the second person my vagina started to really itch and my discharge was very creamy. I had sex last night with a different boy to the last and now my vagina is even more itchy, it stings when i wee and my vagina really smells. I also have a lump on one of my lips which I thought was an ingrown hair turned into a spot but it’s come back again and got bigger. I don’t want a life lecture but can anyone help me to find out what’s wrong. Btw my partners have not had any stds that I know off.  more...
[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Does he like me or is he just super flirty?
Published: 1519588634
Description: I like this guy who I worked with last summer, I thought he was into me too but he ended up having a thing w my friend. Lately hes been calling me, texting me, and snapchatting me a lot (sometimes even when hes high??) at like all times of the day. Noon to 2:00am... Which wouldn't be weird except we hadn't talked in like months before he started doing this and we don't even live in the same state. (Pennsylvania vs. Delaware so we could meet up if we wanted it would just b inconvenient) We also had this weird moment kinda thing at this party that i threw with all the people that we worked with. He teases me a lot and my friends/coworkers all think hes likes me but idk. i really like him and I dont wanna get my hopes up. Also im not trying to stab my friend in the back so i need advice. He is a super flirty guy but the fact hes going out of his way to like call me is making me wonder whats up.  more...
[ Languages ] Open Question : How do come up with the correct commission rate on a 1099 employment job.?
Published: 1519588625
[ Marriage & Divorce ] Open Question : What is the point of getting married nowadays in this modern day and age other then for having kids ?
Published: 1519588616
Description: There is really not much of a difference between a live in girlfriend and a wife these days The only major difference Is that if your wife decides one day she doesn’t love you anymore and leaves you You lose the house, your retirement , the kids , your dignity and everything you worked hard to accomplish and make and pay alimony, lawyer fees If she wasn’t working and child support if you have kids But If your live in girlfriend decides one day she doesn’t love you anymore and leaves you get away with only a broken heart which will heal with time but you don’t lose the house and everything or anything financially no alimony no legal lawyer fees She just moves out you go your own separate ways  more...
[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Should I be worried that a female coworker brought my boyfriend home from work?
Published: 1519588593
Description: I was on the phone with him and he has no car and he said I have to get someone to take me home and she said I'll take you. He said ok. Then he told me she's bringing him. Should I be worried ?  more...
[ Other - Careers & Employment ] Open Question : What are some possible career moves?
Published: 1519588561
Description: I’m currently 22. I’ve been a flight attendant for 2yrs, I’m not sure if I want to fly forever. I like the job but it doesn’t pay as well as I’d like. I’m currently studying cultural studies in my undergrad and am willing to pursue my masters. I’m unsure what to do after I finish undergrad. My current job has allowed me to travel not only for work but in my free time. As you all know flights are expensive. What could be a possible career that would allow me to travel or still have my flight attendant job if i choose to fly part time ?  more...
[ Ford ] Open Question : Is a Ford Mustang v6 2006 a good first car?
Published: 1519588560
Description: I m a new driver and looking to get my first car and I ve always had a thing for Mustangs so I figured I night as well get one I first fell in love with which happens to be the v6 2006. Not a really pricey car But is it a good first car?  more...
[ New York City ] Open Question : Getting to the JFK airport from the port authority bus terminal in New York City?
Published: 1519588528
Description: I have never been to New York City and am a little worried as I have never been there and all the people and traffic. I need to get to the airport in under 4 hours. Which is the simplest option? How much would a Uber or can cost?  more...
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