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Yahoo Answers: Latest Questions Updated Mon, 23 Apr 2018 01:24:38 GMT
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[ Jazz ] Open Question : Without moving the slide, what are the first eight notes that can be played on the trombone, just by changing the player’s embouchure?
Published: 1524446627
[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Should I tell my gf I seen her sister in bra and thong by accident?
Published: 1524446613
Description: It was late at night and she was staying with us at the time went to go to bathroom and she came out like that prob thought no one would get up ..half naked looking sexy as hell..I haven’t told my girl but don’t know if I should  more...
[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Should I break up with my bf because of his mom?
Published: 1524446531
Description: My bf and I have been dating for almost 2 years. He is perfect; attractive, outgoing, creative, smart, athletic, the list goes on. He treats me so well and I love him very much. There's only one problem: his mother. My bf is an only child with a single mom. He's almost 20 years old and still hasn't cut the cord with his mom. She calls him daily just to say hi, writes him inappropriate text messages that usually include the words "i miss you" or "i love you" and kissy face emojis, calls him by a childhood pet name (still), tells him how handsome he is and how proud she is of him. Now if that's not enough to make you gag, there's more. At first I was ok with this, because I liked that my bf and his mom had such a good relationship since people say how he treats his mother is how he'll treat you. I realized that it was deeper than just a close mother-son bond, it was enmeshment. My bf's mom is depressed, has anxiety, lives alone when he is at school, and hates her job. For these reasons, my bf says that he cannot tell his mom to stop treating him like a child because it would "make her sad". To me it seems like she uses these excuses to keep him close. My bf and I discussed this problem before and nothing has changed, she is still super clingy. Idk what to do at this point because we are about to enter a long distance relationship because he doesn't want to make his mom sad by not living with her for the summer.  more...
[ Politics ] Open Question : Why do Starbucks workers take it in the a$$?
Published: 1524446491
Description: Be careful around them.. They got LOTS of problems.  more...
[ Baby Names ] Open Question : What do you think of this name?
Published: 1524446490
Description: Dresden for a boy  more...
[ Politics ] Open Question : FACT: Obama hid 'gay life' to become president?
Published: 1524446451
Description: https://www.google.com/amp/www.wnd.com/2012/09/claim-obama-hid-gay-life-to-become-president/amp/ Obama IS a homosexual -- a drug-taking homosexual. There were three guys from his church in Chicago who were going to publically reveal his homosexuality -- they were all three killed within 2 months, I think. I White homosexual man gave explicit facts regarding sex and drugs that he and Obama enjoyed. Nobody knows where Obama was really born. Obama claims that he was born in Hawaii and he claims he was born in Kenya. So, apparently, he doesn't even know. Michelle IS a man -- IT IS a partial transsexual. Joan Rivers revealed that fact on TV, and 2 months later she was ... DEAD!!! She was killed by a man who was not her doctor. The jews put Obama in office because he was HIGHLY corruptible. He would do ANYTHING that the jews wanted him to do. Homosexual "marriage" was allowed under the Obama regime. Obama was the WORST and most stupid president that America has ever had.  more...
[ Singles & Dating ] Open Question : Is this guy good looking for his weight and size?
Published: 1524446387
[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Which seafood cocktail is your favorite- shrimp, crab, what?
Published: 1524446382
Description: 🍸 🐟🐚🐙  more...
[ Diet & Fitness ] Open Question : I’m 15 and I weigh 340.I want to lose weight for myself so I can have a happy life.But I don’t know where to start. Is it possible or no?
Published: 1524446375
[ Weather ] Open Question : Consider a hurricane that creates a swath of damage 185 km (100 nautical miles) wide, completely within an average-sized warning area ?
Published: 1524446254
Description: Consider a hurricane that creates a swath of damage 185 km (100 nautical miles) wide, completely within an average-sized warning area.? What fraction of the warning area would have had a false alarm?  more...
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