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Category: USC MBA Program Ibear 22 23
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Submitted Date:  2006/3/28
This is an Excel spreadsheet with all Formulas relevant in Finance such as:

PV of Investment
FV with Compounding
PV of Perpetuity
PV of Growing Perpetuity
PV of Annuity
PV of Growing Annuity
Market quote in % of facevalue
Beta of portfolio
Beta of Equity
Beta of Stock
CAPM Exp. Return on Security %
Weighted avg. cost of capital %
MM I: Value of levered Firm
MM I: Value of levered Firm w/ tax
MM II: Cost of Equity w/ tax %
Total returns during the year %
Firms current value
Vl w/ personal & corporate taxes
Added Value of Debt for Vl w/ taxes

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